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History of economic and social history in Japan

History of economic and social history in Japan



Nominees for Dissertations

The Executive Committee of the IEHA has made the decisions on the short list of dissertations to be invited to present their work at WEHC2015. Congratulations to the nominees.

The Early Modern Period

Masters of War. State, capital, and military enterprise in the Dutch cycle of accumulation (1600-1795)
Pepijn Brandon ( Vrije Universiteit )
An inquiry into the nature, causes and distribution of wealth in the Cape Colony, 1652-1795
Johan Fourie ( Stellenbosch University )
The Political Economy of the Ganga River: Highway of State Formation in Mughal India, c.1600-1800.
Murari Kumar Jha ( National University of Singapore )

Long 19th Century

Natural Resources, Settler Economies and Economic Development during the First Globalization: Land Frontier Expansion and Institutional Arrangements
Henry Francisco Willebald ( Universidad Carlos III de Madrid )
"Globalisation and the Ottoman Empire A study of integration between Ottoman and world cotton markets"
Laura Panza ( La Trobe University )
The Development of Intra-Southeast Asian Trade in the Nineteenth Century: With Reference to the Role of Singapore
Atsushi Kobayashi ( Kyoto University )

20th century

The hegemony of growth. The making and remaking of the economic growth paradigm and the OECD, 1948-2010
Matthias Schmelzer ( University of Geneva )
Monetary policy and credit policy during France's Golden Age, 1945-1973
Eric Monnet ( Banque de France , Paris School of Economics )