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History of economic and social history in Japan

History of economic and social history in Japan



Poster Session

List of Accepted Posters

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Poster No. Poster title / presenter
P1 Vocational education and industrialization in Italy (1861-1914)

Chiara Martinelli ( University of Firenze )

P2 Dense Enough To Be Brilliant: Patents, Urbanization, and Transportation in Nineteenth Century America

ElisabethRuthPerlman ( Boston University )

P3 The Role of Russian Millers' Congresses in promotion of the Russian Flour to Mediterranean Market at the Edge of XIX-XX Centuries

Alexander Bessolitsyn ( Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Head of section Wolfgang Sartoe and Vladimir Vasilevici Morozan )

P4 Globalization of bicycle parts trade and local industrialization/urbanization

Keisuke Nishi ( Bielefeld University )

P5 The role of the state mortgage lending in the resolution of the agrarian question

Artur A. Kukharenka ( Belarusian State University )

P6 Diversity in development: the case of divergent coffee-producing paths in the Lake Kivu area.

Sven Van Melkebeke ( Ghent University )

P7 Manufacturing Revolutions: Industrialization and the Developmental State in Post-War South Korea

Nathaniel J Lane ( Harvard University & the Institute for International Economic Studies )

P8 Cancelled

Nukolay Alexandrovithc Khan ( Vijatskaja expedition )

P10 Cancelled
P11 Cancelled
P12 Long-Term Persistence of Colonial Education? A Discontinuity Analysis at the Border between French and British Cameroon

Yannick DUPRAZ Paris School of Economics )

P13 Colonial Legacies in Indonesian SME Development (1900-1945)

GretaChristine Seibel ( London School of Economics and Political Science )

P14 Tax system and redistribution: the Spanish fiscal transition (1960-1990)

Sara Torregrosa ( University of Barcelona )

P15 The Cold War and the foreign aid to the the non-aligned countries : a case study on the Nasserist Egypt (1955-1967).

PedroRocha Fleury Curado ( Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada -IPEA )

P16 Nitobe Inazo's Conservative Liberalism in prewar Japan: British Forms of Manners, Personality, and Liberty

Shimpei Yamamoto ( Osaka City University )

P17 Influence of river and railway transport upon industrialization in Germany after 1914 -The case study of Frankfurt am Main.

Mai Shiokawa ( The University of Tokyo )

P18 Long-term human capital formation in Spain at the Regional level and Economic Growth


P19 Corporate Governance and Resilience to Financial Crisis

Luca Froelicher ( ETH Zürich )

P20 Freeholders versus tenants – property rights, farm productivity and investment in southern Sweden, 1700-1860

Anna Missiaia ( Lund University )

P21 Labour recruitment and workplace abuse in Japan’s Far North: the takobeya of Colonial Karafuto (Southern Sakhalin)

Steven Ivings ( Heidelberg University )

P22 Leaving home?
Multinationals-territory-work relations in Switzerland [1945-2000]

Sabine Pitteloud ( University of Geneva )

P23 Changes in navigation on the Rhine in the first half of the 19th century: Technological innovation and institutional transition.

Junichi Tanaka ( Waseda University )

P24 In dust and sweat. Working class in Austrian Silesia in the era of modernisation.

Stanislav Knob ( University of Ostrava )

P25 Climate shocks and Conflict: Four Essays in the Economic History of the Ancien Regime

Cedric Chambru ( Geneva University )

P26 What Did Swedish Mercantilists Think about Issues with the Swedish Fisheries Economy?: Fisheries Economy, Maritime History, and Mercantilism

Takehiro Saito ( Hitotsubashi University )

P27 Urban Energy Transitions, Long term spatial and temporal dynamics : case study of Paris

Eunhye Kim ( Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot )

P28 How lonely was the ’lone inventor’? A network analysis of independent inventors in Sweden, 1885-1914.

DavidE. Andersson ( Linköping University )

P29 A Historical Study of the Common VAT System in the European Community
- Focusing on questions over "fiscal sovereignty" and "fiscal neutrality" -

Anna KONISHI ( The University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne )

P30 Japanese Majolica Tiles in Inter-war India: Modernization, Sanitization, and Beautification of the National Landscape

Aki Toyoyama ( National Museum of Ethnology )

P31 Long-term effects of the Spanish Inquisition

Jordi Vidal-Robert ( University of Warwick )

P32 Performing arts and economy --- An analysis of the supply–demand relationship of Viennese theatre in the late 18th century

Ryohei Oshio ( Waseda University )

P33 Cancelled
P34 The Geography of Industrial Productivity in mid-19th Century France

Frédéric Olland ( University of Strasbourg )

P35 Future Lessons from Past Epidemics?
The Economics of Smallpox vaccination in 19th Century Germany

Katharina Muehlhoff ( University of Mannheim )