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History of economic and social history in Japan

History of economic and social history in Japan



Second Call

The Executive Committee of the IEHA has reviewed the sessions submitted in the second call for sessions. The accepted sessions are listed below. Congratulations to the selected session organisers.

List of Accepted Sessions - 2-hour sessions-

Call for Papers Ref.No. Session Information
Businessmen and their organisations: impacts of the diversity on Economic Development. Europe – Asia – America - 19-21th C.

Danièle Fraboulet ( Université Sorbonne Paris Cité Paris 13 )

S20024 Winners and Losers? Accounting for divergent redistributive effects of environmental shocks and hazards on property distribution across the pre-industrial world, 1300-1850.

Daniel Robert Curtis ( Utrecht University )

S20027 An Undervalued Comparison. Growth, Inequality and Institutions in Africa and Latin America since 1492

Ewout Frankema ( Wageningen University & Utrecht University )

The economic impact of migration: lessons from history

Francesca Fauri ( University of Bologna )

Family Strategies during the Great Globalisation

Kristina Lilja ( Department of Economic History, Uppsala University )

S20035 The Economic and Business History of Occupied Japan

Tom French ( Ritsumeikan University )

S20037 New Histories of Global Inequality and Global Governance

Glenda Sluga ( University of Sydney )

Post, Telegraph & Telephone: Diverse Developments yet Global Connections

Florian Ploeckl ( University of Adelaide )


Seven Agir ( Middle East Technical University )

S20055 State and Development in the ( former) French colonies

Alexander Moradi ( Sussex University )

The politics of consumer credit since 1945: an exploratory comparative history

Sean O'Connell ( Queen's University Belfast )

S20068 Diversity in the Development of the U.S. South

Peter Angelo Coclanis ( University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill )

S20072 Diversity and Changes in Role of the Economic Elites in Politics in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Roman Holec ( Comenius University )

S20075 Law and Custom for the Globalizing Maritime Business World in Modern China

Billy K. L. So ( Hong Kong University of Science and Technology )

S20076 GIS Approaches to Land Development and Social Change in Asia and Africa

Tsukasa Mizushima ( Tokyo University )

Crisis and Growth in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean during the interwar period

Laura Panza ( The University of Melbourne )

S20086 "Intensive Economic Growth in Premodern East Asia, 1000 - 1800"

Ronald A. Edwards ( Tamkang University )

S20092 Total War? Rethinking Resource Mobilization in the Japanese Empire, 1895-1945

Chad B. Denton ( Yonsei University )

Multigenerational approaches to social and economic mobility

Jonas Helgertz ( Centre for Economic Demography/Department of Economic History, Lund University )

S20105 Towards a Social History of Money

Marcel van der Linden ( International Social History Association )

Production, trade and business organization in the dairy sector between early industrialization and globalization.

Silvia A. Conca Messina ( University of Milan )

S20111 Long-Distance Trade and Institutional Development Beyond Europe

Richard von Glahn ( University of California )

S20117 Contact, Conflicts and Cooperation between Business and Businessmen in the Pacific Rim since 18th Century

Haiyan Fu ( Central China Normal University )

S20122 Innovation, the Diffusion of Technology and Frontier Analysis

Joost Veenstra ( University of Groningen )

S20124 Starting Your Own Business: Self-employment, Agglomeration, and Sources of Innovation from a Comparative Perspective

Asuka Imaizumi ( Saitama University )

S20125 Rethinking centre and periphery: "north" and "south" in the Mediterranean, c. 1200-c. 1600.

Eleni Sakellariou ( University of Crete )

S20126 Political Economy of China’s Modern Transition, 1840-1930

Chicheng Ma ( Shandong University )

The economic consequences of independence in Latin America revisited

Manuel Llorca Jaña ( University of Santiago )

S20146 The Historical Origins of Economic Development: A Comparative Perspective

James Kai-sing Kung ( The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology )

S20149 The interaction between the multiple payment systems and the emerging banking infrastructures in global and historical comparison

Mina Ishizu ( London School of Economics and Political Science )

S20150 Local and Global Determinants of Early Financial Crises: The Mississippi and South Sea Bubbles revisited

Koji Yamamoto ( King's College London )

S20151 Entrepreneurs at sea: sailors' trading practices and legal opportunities in the first globalization ( 15th-19th centuries)

Maria Fusaro ( University of Exeter )

S20152 Historical Diversities of Intra-Asian Trade Networks 16-19 C

Takeshi Hamashita ( Sn Yat-sen Univerusity )

S20154 The analysis of historical market integration – where do we stand?

Edmund Cannon ( University of Bristol )

S20156 Wealth Inequality in East Asia from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century

Shuang Chen ( University of Iowa )

S20160 Development through Human Capital and Knowledge Diffusion

Petra Moser ( Stanford University )

List of Accepted Sessions - 3-hour sessions-

Call for Papers Ref.No. Session Information
Foreign capital and colonial Southeast Asia: Profits, economic growth and indigenous society

Thomas J. Lindblad ( Leiden University )

S20016 Mercantilism and Cameralism – New Approaches and Reconfigurations, Lessons for Development, Explanations for Divergence?

Philipp Robinson Roessner ( University of Manchester and Universität Leipzig )

Cooperative networks in regional and national perspective during the 19th and 20th century

Torsten Lorenz ( Charles University Prague )

S20020 The City and the World – Spatial and Temporal Connectivities in the pre-Modern World

Radhika Seshan ( University of Pune)

S20021 Urban labour markets in Europe and North America from the XVth to the XXIth century in Global perspective

florent Le Bot ( Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan )

The Trade Relations in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea from the middle of the 13th century up to the beginning of the 20th century

Vladimir Vasilevic Morozan ( Saint-Petersburg State University )

S20025 The State and Economic Development in Early Modern Japan and China: Continuity and Discontinuity from the 17th Century to the 20th Century

Wenkai He ( Hong Kong University of Science and Technology )

S20026 A World Apart? The Eurasian Mountains and Modern Economic Growth

Jon Mathieu ( University of Lucerne )

S20028 Global Impact of Slave Trade and Slavery – a comparative approach

Matthias van Rossum ( International Institute of Social History )

S20031 Agriculture and economic development in the periphery, 19th and 20th centuries

Vicente Pinilla ( University of Zaragoza )

S20032 Privileges and economic development from the 16th to the 19th century: a comparative approach ( Europe-Asia)

Corine Maitte ( Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée )

Industry, Organization, and Economic Structure in Russia in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Amanda G Gregg ( Yale University )

The development of nuclear energy: economics, financial and business origins

M.d.Mar RUBIIO ( Universidad Publica de Navarra )

S20039 How Financial Networks become Vulnerable to Crises: a Global and Historical Perspective

Hugh Rockoff ( Rutgers University )

S20041 Catching up now and then - do historical perspectives on developing-country dynamics still make sense?

Martin Andersson ( Lund University )

Long run economic growth and the environment: international comparison from a socio-metabolic perspective

Iñaki Iriarte-Goñi ( University of Zaragoza )

S20043 The Quantitative Economic History of Central, East and South-East Europe

Tamas Vonyo ( London School of Economics and Political Science )

African, American, Asian and European ways of institutionalizing statistics

Béatrice Touchelay ( Université de Lille 3 )

Monetary Systems in Post-colonial transition in Asia and Africa

OLIVIER FEIERTAG ( Normandy University )

Economic History of Sport

John Wilson ( University of South Australia )

S20053 The contribution of rural coastal areas to international trade networks in the early modern period

Werner Scheltjens ( University of Leipzig )

S20057 Heights in Development

Nikola Koepke ( Universitat de Barcelona )


Robin Pearson ( University of Hull )

S20059 The Maddison Project: measuring economic performance across time and space.

Jutta Bolt ( University of Groningen )

S20060 Global Migrations since 1500: towards a new comparative method

Leo Lucassen ( Leiden University )

Evolution in History: Applying Biological and Demographic Concepts to Explain Economic Decision Making in Global History.

Charlotte Störmer ( Utrecht University )

The institutional foundations of long-distance trade before industrialization: diversity and change.

Daniel Strum ( University of São Paulo )

S20066 Numeracy, Human Capital and its Determinants

Joerg Baten ( University of Tuebingen )

S20070 Cliometric Perspectives to the Study of World Wars

Antoine PARENT ( Sciences Po Lyon )

S20073 Special Economic Zones: Treaty Ports and Port Cities of Maritime Asia, 1842-1942

Naoto KAGOTANI ( Kyoto University )

S20077 The power of the purse: public finance and human development in the developing world

Anne G. Hanley ( Northern Illinois University )

Feudalism and the market. Explaining economic growth in the Middle Ages

Phillipp R Schofield ( Aberystwyth University )

At the origins of consumer credit: pawn-broking in pre-industrial and developing societies. Economic concerns and moral connotations

Mauro Carboni ( Università di Bologna )

S20080 Divisions of work across the life course: Practices and attitudes in global economic historical perspective

Andreas Eckert ( Humboldt University Berlin )

Nobility and business. The contribution of the aristocracy to economic development in the 18th-19th centuries

Silvia A. Conca Messina ( University of Milan )

S20082 Long-term trends in China's economy

Thomas G. Rawski ( University of Pittsburgh )

S20083 Shibusawa Eiichi’s gappon capitalism ( ethical capitalism) as a model for developing countries in future global perspectives

Geoffrey Jones ( Harvard Business School )

S20087 “Cities and Economic Development: From the Dawn of History to the Present” in homage to Paul Bairoch

Remi Jedwab ( George Washington University )

S20088 Changes and Continuities in a Bustling Time: Chinese Long-distance Merchants and Their Business World, 1700-1900

Meng Zhang ( University of California )

S20089 Organizational Innovation and Business Enterprise in International Perspective

Naomi R. Lamoreaux ( Yale University )

S20091 Patents and Incentives for Innovation across Time and Space

Zorina Khan ( Bowdoin College/Hoover Institution, Stanford University )

S20094 Deflation, money and commodities: Maritime Asia and its linkages to the Americas in the first half of the 19th century

Kohei Wakimura ( Osaka City University )

S20101 Globalization, inequality and gender inequality and implications for the study of living standards and demography ( 19th and 20th centuries)

Enriqueta Camps-Cura ( Pompeu Fabra University )

S20103 Global Patterns in Family Structures and Their Impact on Development

Claude Diebolt ( University of Strasbourg )

S20106 Government Institutions, Access to Economic Opportunity, and Income Redistribution

Price Fishback ( University of Arizona )



Welfare, inequality and standards of living compared: America, Europe and Asia, ca. 1500-2000

Julio C. Djenderedjian ( Instituto Ravignani, Universidad de Buenos Aires )

'Counting People, Understanding Economies: Global Histories of Registration and Demographic Statistics'

Gerardo Serra ( London School of Economics and Political Science )

S20112 Costs and Economic Returns to Higher Education: Competing Models in Historical Perspective

Bogdan Murgescu ( Bucharest University )

S20113 Wages and global development since 1950/1960s: diversity and convergence between emerging and advanced countries

Michel-Pierre Chelini ( University of Artois ( Fr) )

Ancient Economic Development from Multiple Perspectives: Ecology, Institutions, and Evolution.

Brooks A. Kaiser ( University of Southern Denmark )

S20119 Population density and long-run economic development

Leigh Shaw Taylor ( Cambridge University )

S20120 Chinese Enterprises under the Socialist Economic System in Comparative Perspective

Jun Kajima ( Yokohama National University )

S20127 New Perspectives on the Economic Impact of Canals and Railways

Dan Bogart ( University of California )

The domestic integration of financial markets

Alberto Feenstra ( University of Amsterdam )

S20132 Regional GDPs in the periphery: a long run perspective

Marc Badia-Miró ( Universitat de Barcelona )

S20133 Chinese Public Finance: From military-fiscal state through the issues of common pool resources and foreign trade taxation to the emergence of public debt

R Bin Wong ( UCLA )

S20135 Visiting Industrial Districts in History and Developing World

Tomoko Hashino ( Kobe University )

S20136 Revisiting the role of foreign trade in socialist economies

Valeria Zanier ( London School of Economics )

S20138 The modernization of China in the early twentieth century: institutional Change and economic development

Se Yan ( Peking University )

S20139 Importance of Trade, Conflicts, and Neutrality for Small and Medium Powers from the 18th to the 20th Centuries

Jari A Eloranta ( Appalachian State University and University of Jyvaskyla )

The Great Depression and Macroeconomic Policy in the 1930s

Andrew Jalil ( Occidental College )

Demographic differentials by wealth and status

Hao Dong ( Hong Kong University of Science and Technology )

S20142 Competition and Complementarity of International Financial Centres: International Banking and Historical Perspective

Ayumu Sugawara ( Tohoku University )

S20144 From Fragmented Societies to Modern Welfare States: Comparative Public Sector Transition Paths

Christopher Lloyd ( The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Historical Research, University of Tampere )

S20145 Merchants, Migrants, and Slaves in the Development of a Pacific Ocean World

Robert Hellyer ( Wake Forest University )

S20147 Causes and Hurdles: Gender Equality in the development process

Lotte van der Vleuten ( Radboud University )

S20148 The elusive quest for economic policy coordination: a reassessment of international monetary systems

Catherine R. Schenk ( University of Glasgow )

S20153 Determinants of creativity: The case of the arts in the 19th and 20th centuries

Karol Jan Borowiecki ( University of Southern Denmark )

reinsurance history from the middle XIXth to today

André Straus ( CNRS and Sorbonne University )

S20161 Opening of Treaty Ports Reconsidered: The Chinese Maritime Customs and Modern Chinese Economy

Songdi Wu ( Fudan University )