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History of economic and social history in Japan

History of economic and social history in Japan



Social Programme

Date Programme Fees
August 3rd (Mon.) Welcome Reception included in the registration fee
August 5th (Wed.) Cultural Evening JPY 7,000
August 7th (Fri.) Farewell Reception included in the registration fee

Cultural Evening 5th (Wed.)

WEHC delegates and their accompanying guests are invited to experience the best of our local culture. The Cultural Evening features SHUKUMAI (celebratory dance performance), TATE(Japanese swordfight choreography), TSUGARU SHAMISEN (Japanese lutes) and WADAIKO (Japanese drumming).Traditional Japanese food will also be served.


SHUKUMAI(祝舞) is performed to express one’s congratulations for an event not by word but by dance performance. Please enjoy the traditional dance by Maiko girls and take a photo with them.


TATE(殺陣) was developed in Japanese period dramas, and the Uzumasa area in Kyoto is the home of many studios specialising in historical films.
Kurosawa's "Rashomon" (1950) was shot there, and the art has recently culminated in the FANTASIA 2014 award-winning "Uzumasa Limelight", a quasi-autobiographical film about the stuntman who was killed in more movies than any other stuntman playing a samurai. Volunteer to take part in a swordfight as a samurai warrior.


SHAMISEN(三味線) is a lute like three-stringed Japanese traditional music instrument. Although introduced from China, it has evolved in its own style from the sixteenth century, especially in Tsugaru District, the northern edge of Honshu Island. Tsugaru Shamisen is characterized by its powerful percussive way of playing and melancholic tone. Sato Michihiro, one of the world-famous players of Tsugaru Shamisen, and his group will give a performance.


A WADAIKO(和太鼓) show will be presented by “DADADA DAN TENKO(打打打団天鼓)”, a very popular performance group established in 1987. They have taken part in tours around the globe and have achieved world-wide success. Their energetic, as well as heart-warming, performances will provide an unforgettable end to the evening. Join in a Wadaiko workshop and learn the basics of Japanese drums from the masters of the art.