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Barry Weiss is a guy who was born in the year 1951 and has since been divorced. 11 February is his birthday. Barry was born in New York City, although he spent his childhood in New Jersey. Barry was welcomed into this world in New York City.

The family business was in the music business, and his father, Hy Weiss, was an entrepreneur. It is impossible to provide an accurate synopsis of the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Dot Top music genres without mentioning the name Hy Weiss. Cornell University was where Barry Weiss chose to complete his undergraduate degree.

The fans of Storage Wars were quickly drawn to Barry’s comedic side when he appeared on the show. People were mystified by his ability to maintain a straight face while telling jokes during a problematic situation. As an executive music producer, he was instrumental in launching the careers of well-known American singers such as Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, ‘N Sync, T-Pain, and Usher. Other artists he worked with were N-Sync, T-Pain, and Usher. 

Barry Weiss Net Worth

Barry Weiss Age, Education, And Biography

Full NameBarry Weiss
NicknameBarry Weiss
Net Worth (2022)$10 million
Birth Date11 February 1951
Birth PlaceNew York, United States
FatherHy Weiss
Mother Not Known
SiblingsNot Known
SpouseNot Known
ChildrenNot Known
Zodiac SignAquarius
OccupationAmerican reality television personality & storage-treasure hunter
Favourite SongNot Known
Favourite ActorNot Known
Favourite MovieNot Known
Favourite FoodNot Known
SchoolNot Known
College / UniversityCornell University.
Favourite ColorNot Known
Favourite HobbiesNot Known
Favourite DestinationNot Known
Favourite BookNot Known

Barry Weiss Biography

Barry Weiss is said to have an exceptional automotive collection worth over $500,000 and is noted for always showing up to events in a brand-new vehicle. In Storage Wars, he may be driving a 1947 custom cowboy Cadillac.

In 2019, Barry was a victim of a motorcycle-car accident. As a result, he had a series of surgeries and stayed in the hospital for two months before being discharged. While recovering from the event, Barry Weiss voiced some commercials for the Sherwood Valley casino.

He went through a divorce from his first marriage. Since Barry seldom brings up his ex-wife, it is impossible to determine when they first began dating or when they wed. They have grown offspring; a son called Jack and a daughter named Julie. In addition, he is the grandfather of Monster Garage presenter Jesse James. In the past, Jesse and Sandra Bullock had a marital union.

Age70 years old
Height1.68 m
Heights in Feet5 feet and 6 inches
Heights in cm168 cm
Weight(s)75 kg
Weight in Pound165 pounds


Ваrry Wеіѕѕ received his degree from Cornell University, from where he also received his diploma and completed his education. There is very little information on his early education and the schools he attended. The only available data was from when he participated in the university.

The career of Barry Weiss

Before becoming famous for their roles on reality television, Weiss and his brother made their fortune in the fruit and vegetable sector. After devoting over twenty-five years of his life to establishing a prosperous wholesale fruit business, he eventually retired and began devoting his time to storage hunting.

Barry could retire and travel the world for a significant portion of his later life because of the wealth he accumulated through the firm. Weiss’s interest in collecting antiques and relics was sparked after he became weary of travelling to remote locations and decided to spend his multimillion-dollar wealth closer to home instead.

Barry has revealed that he did not make as much money as his co-stars on “Storage Wars” because he retained most of the prizes he won on the show. Weiss was known for his sarcastic one-liners and his “anything goes” attitude toward storage auctions on the show, which drew comparisons to a “Robert Evans meets Jack Nicholson type,” as described on the A&E website.

Weiss was also known for his “anything goes” attitude toward storage auctions on the show. One illustration of this would be the practice that Barry used from time to time of bringing psychics with him to storage auctions so that he could get a more accurate estimate of the value of each unit.

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In addition, he has used night vision goggles, a remote-controlled helicopter, and a miniature guy on stilts to get an edge in the bidding process. Weiss has an exceptional variety of knowledge that includes antiques from all different periods as a result of his considerable experience working in the field of antiquities and storage auctions.

Because Barry is a close friend of Thom Beers, who serves in the dual roles of narrator and executive producer for the program, Barry was offered the opportunity to make an appearance on the agenda. After the fourth season, Weiss decided to leave the show to star in the spinoff series “Barry’d Treasure,” which followed him as he hunted for antiques and treasures around the country. There were a total of eight episodes in the series.

Barry Weiss Work History and Honors

When it comes to building a name for himself in collecting antiques, Barry Weiss, who is now a man in his 60s and has shown no signs of slowing down, doesn’t seem to be taking any steps backwards.

Before establishing himself as a guy with an eye for antiques, Barry had a central location that was very different from that of an antique expert. He was actively involved in the manufacturing industry and relied on his brother for assistance.

It took Barry a full quarter of a century of experience in the executive producer role before he eventually decided to try his hand at the storage hunting business. During his time as an executive music producer, Barry had a significant part in advancing the careers of some well-known musicians, including Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, Britney Spears, and others.

One of the characteristics that came to define “Storage Wars” was the comedic element he brought to the program. It didn’t take long for him to develop an interest in the antique collecting trade as a career path. He showed an interest in it from a very young age.

His work as a music producer allowed him to travel the world for some years throughout his career. However, his excitement while travelling throughout the globe was gradually dampened by the passage of time.

It wasn’t until he retired from his life as a traveller that he began to pursue his passion for antique collections with the intensity it deserved. Barry has acknowledged that he makes far less money than the other ” Storage Wars cast members.”

The motivation for this was rooted in Barry’s deep-seated need to hoard the trophies and prizes he earned for coming out on top, all for himself.

Barry Weiss was a cast member on the original program Storage Wars for four seasons and subsequently appeared in a spinoff of the original series. It was called “Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back,” and it was a spinoff of the first show.

Barry Weiss Gross Value

Barry Weiss, a reality TV personality who specializes in finding hidden treasures in storage units, has a net worth of $10 million. When Barry Weiss appeared on A&E’s hit reality series “Storage Wars” from 2010 to 2013 and then again in 2021, he became a quirky sensation that was occasionally confused with a music producer with the same name or a reporter with a very similar last name. It occurred because their surnames are so identical.

Barry is known as “The Collector” on the show due to the massive collection of precious artefacts he has amassed over the years. Weiss has hosted his series on A&E, “Barry’d Treasure” (2014) and “Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back,” in addition to playing parts in the films “Motorcycle Mania III” (2004) and “Beverly Hills Garage – The Bruce Meyer Project” (2015).


It is said that Barry’s automotive collection, which is estimated to be valued at over $500,000, is one of the most outstanding in the world, and he is known to appear at each auction in a brand-new vehicle. His 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac became his most well-known vehicle after appearing on the show “Storage Wars.”

After sustaining life-threatening injuries in a motorbike accident in April 2019, Weiss was admitted to the hospital; he had some surgical procedures before being discharged from the facility two months later. While he was laid up in the hospital recuperating from the injury, he continued to work as a spokesman for Sherwood Valley Casino by recording voiceovers.

Barry has two grown children, a daughter named Julie and a son named Jack, and is divorced from their mother. He is Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband and the godfather to Jesse James, who starred in the reality program “Monster Garage” and was previously married to Sandra.

Weiss has a house in the exclusive Laughlin Park enclave of Beverly Hills, valued at $1.8 million. In 1928, construction began on the house that had four bedrooms.

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