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About the Rajasthan Police Constable Exam:

The Rajasthan Police Constable Exam is held for recruitment of Police Constable in Rajasthan. 

Rajasthan Police Constable Handwritten Notes

Importance of Rajasthan Police Constable Handwritten Notes:

The importance of Rajasthan Police Constable Handwritten Notes are as follows-

  1. It will help the candidates to channelise their strength and merit towards success.
  2. It will provide thorough guidance to candidates.
  3. It will give comprehensive knowledge on important areas of the syllabus..

Rajasthan Police Constable Exam Syllabus:

Syllabus of basic Computer literacy –

  •  Cyber security
  •  Hardware
  •  Ms office
  •  Software
  •  Networking
  •  Viruses and malware
  •  Internet, etc.

Syllabus of reasoning and logic –

  • Logical reasoning
  •  Distance and direction
  •  Simplification
  • Verbal and nonverbal reasoning
  • Coding and decoding
  • Clock
  • Arithmetic reasoning
  •  Calendar
  •  Data interpretation
  •  Venn diagram
  •  Analogy
  •  Figure completion, etc.

Syllabus of general knowledge, current affairs and social studies-

  •  General history of India
  •  Famous personalities
  •  Indian polity and governance
  •  Sports
  •  Economics
  •  Awards and important events
  •  Science and technology

Syllabus of history and culture of Rajasthan-

  •  Major dynasties
  •  Socio cultural issues
  •  Freedom movement
  •  Forts and monuments
  •  Major landmarks in history of Rajasthan
  •  Art
  •  Folk dances
  •  Local dialects
  •  Administration and revenue system
  •  Political awakening and Integration
  • literature and art of Rajasthan
  •  Painting and handicrafts
  •  Leading personalities of Rajasthan
  •  Important tourist places of Rajasthan
  •  Folk music
  •  Religious movements of Rajasthan
  •  Festivals
  •  Rajasthan culture, traditions & heritage
  •  Fairs

Syllabus of Rajasthan polity –

  •  Governor
  •  High Court
  •  Chief minister
  •  Rajasthan Public Service Commission
  •  District administration
  •  State Human Rights Commission
  •  State assembly
  •  State election Commission
  •  State information Commission
  •  Legal rights
  •  Lokayukta
  •  Citizens’ charter
  •  Public policy

Syllabus of geography of Rajasthan-

  •  Natural resources of Rajasthan
  •  Biodiversity
  •  Natural vegetation of Rajasthan
  •  Forest diversity
  •  Minerals and mines
  •  Major irrigation projects
  •  Major industries
  •  Potential for industrial developments
  •  Agriculture
  •  Climate

Syllabus for Rajasthan economics-

  •  Macro overview of economy
  •  Growth
  •  Farmers and laborers
  •  Destitute
  •  Infrastructure and resources
  •  Major agricultural industries
  •  Service sector issues
  •  Government welfare schemes
  •  Children
  •  Women
  •  Development and planning
  •  Major development projects
  •  Disabled persons

Knowledge of laws and regulations regarding crimes against women and children:

  • Awareness of crimes against women and children
  • Legal provisions to prevent crimes and safety measures

How to avail the Handwritten Notes:

The Rajasthan Police Constable Handwritten Notes can be availed by the below given procedure-

  • The candidates will be able to get the notes by visiting https://www.infusionnotes.com/. 
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Rajasthan Police Constable Handwritten Notes Sample PDF

Part NumberSample Notes PDF
Part-1कंप्यूटर + सामान्य विज्ञान + तर्क शक्ति
Part-2इतिहास + संस्कृति + भूगोल + राजव्यवस्था (भारत)
Part-3इतिहास + संस्कृति + भूगोल + राजव्यवस्था +  महिला एवं बाल अपराध +  विविध

Contact Details:

The candidates will be able to get online notes by contacting any one of the numbers which are as follows-

  • 8504091672
  • 8233195718
  • 01414045784
  • 9694804063

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FAQs for Rajasthan Police Constable Handwritten Notes :

In which format can the notes be availed?

The notes can be availed only in PDF format.

From where can the notes be availed?

The notes can be availed by visiting https://www.infusionnotes.com/.

Are the notes required to be downloaded for getting it?

Yes, the notes are required to be downloaded for getting it.

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