Sales Jobs in Dubai, CTS Overseas Corp, Cognizant Technology Solutions Hiring Sales Executive

Sales Jobs in Dubai:– The company (CTS Overseas Corp) is developed 30 years ago. The company is inviting applications for sales executive. It has 1691 total Institutes in 120 different countries. The employers employed in these organizations served positively the needs of people and impacted the lives of over 7 million employees around the world. Its headquarters is in the US.

The company is ranked in 193 spot and is one the most admired company globally due to its outstanding services. The company has skilled and experienced employees that help the company to grow and develop.

With over 289,000 employees, 290 offices, and digital hubs worldwide the company impacted globally. Cognizant helps to get the digital done across large developed institutions. It focuses more on the areas where the communities in which we live can get more impact.

Sales Jobs in UAE

It helps to improve our environmental performance to improve the lives and opportunities of economically and socially disadvantaged segments of society.

Sales Jobs in Dubai

The sales executive is employed for a sales job, the Cognizant Technology Solution, Dubai invited professionals for the different roles in sales job interested candidates can look to the below details that will provide you all the information needed to apply for the job.

Sales Job

The role of a Sales representative is very important for the company. It helps to build contact between customers and businesses. Salesperson ensures selling a company’s products and services, search and identify new markets and customer leads. Sales can be either done domestic or international or both.

Sales representatives manage everything from answering the phone calls to monitoring the competition. They have to maintain good relations with their customers and have to grab new sales opportunities.

Responsibilities/ Duties

1.      Build a good relationship with the employees

2.      Have to sell products and services and meet the customer’s needs

3.      Understand the requirement of your company customers

4.      Take the knowledge of market and other related products

5.      Have to maintain services accounts, manage orders, arrange and maintain daily schedule properly

6.      Listen to customers needs and provide an appropriate solution to continue and make more sale

7.      Have to take the company at trade exhibitions, events, and demonstrations

8.      Maintain and contact suppliers of check the progress of existing progress

9.      Try to negotiate on price, costs, delivery. With buyers and managers


1.      The basic salary of the employees begin from AED 3000 to 5000.

2.      Mid- salary of the employees who have the experience of 3-5 years is AED 6000 to 9000.

3.      The senior-level salary is around AED 10, 000 to 14,000 with a commission of AED 2,000 .

Hours to Work for Sales Jobs in Dubai

The sales representative has to work long to meet the targets, they have to handle a lot of pressure, to finish the work within the assigned time. A part-time job is also available

Educational Qualification

Though there is no specific degree for the job the following degree may open your changes more they are-

1.      Business, management, or marketing

2.      Computing, engineering, or technology

3.      Media Studies

4.      Modern European or Asian languages


1.      Skilled enough to sell products and services

2.      Excellent communication skills and fluency

3.      Positive, confidant, and motivate the team

4.      Should know how to handle rejection, stress, work pressure, and targets

5.      Fluency in foreign languages

6.      Full driving license

7.      Maintain and endure the competitive environment

8.      Should know how to handle team, impartial with the team, and should be the part of a team

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