Amazing 26 Skin Care Tips for Men & Women- Nature Skin Care Methods

Here we are sharing 26 skin care tips for men and women. These skin care secrets will help you to achieve a healthy and beautiful look. Our TV set is full of advertisements about new lotions, moisturizers, face wash, radiance cream, anti-aging cream, fairness cream, and whatnot. These advertisements work as well as their products. Why?

Because every woman and nowadays even men desire to have that perfect, flawless glowing skin. Clear skin does not just add up to the beauty quotient of a person but is also a sign of good health and well-being of the person. But does it appear just after applying any of the aforesaid products without putting any thought behind it and without doing anything extra? No. Nothing in life can come in so handy. Some very basic efforts have to be put in to have the radiant skin that you were born with.

There are many reasons which affect the health of our skin like pollution, humidity, dust, allergies, dietary habits, reactions to products, medical deficiency, etc. To treat correctly the reason is definitely to be detected in exact measure.  If the skin flaw appears to be out of the ordinary and does not seem to be normal then a dermatologist is to be consulted as he can treat you better than anyone. For all other basic flaws some very basic remedies are to be considered:

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Skin Care Tips for Men & Women

Top 26 Skin Care Tips for Young Men & Women

  1. Sleep well and on time. A minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is very essential for skin care. In the due lack of sleep dark circles around the eyes appear. Your skin starts showing signs of wrinkles despite your age.
  1. Eat healthily. A balanced diet is a requisite not just for skin care but also for overall well-being. Whatever you eat is what your skin will show. For instance, if you eat very spicy and oily food your skin will be prone to pimples more than often.
  1. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water at regular intervals. It makes your skin glow.
  1. Sun protection- Protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV light. Apply a good SPF powder sunscreen. Keep yourself covered when out in the sun.
  1. Avoid stress- stress is the main reason behind every health problem we face. Skin-related issues may also be decreased by decreasing our stress levels.
  1. Breathing exercise- some basic breathing exercises like age-old ‘pranayama’ can really help in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. The morning air especially is really good for the skin. It will leave your texture soft and cool. Meditation will help the improvement at a greater level.
  1. Exercise- exercise is helpful for everything we do. It keeps you physically fit and healthy. The more you perspire while exercising the more your skin pores open up and let the dead cells and dirt wash off.
  1. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet chart. Drink fresh juices and eat a salad with your main meals.
  1. Use warm to lukewarm water to wash your face. Never use too hot or too cold water to do the same.
  1. Visit only a trusted beauty parlor for your skin treatments. They should be known to use branded and valued products and not just any from the bunch.
  1. Do not apply regular makeup. If you have to use quality brands and apply as light as you can.
  1. Before applying any makeup, do apply a good foundation on your face.
  1. Before retiring in the night properly remove your day-old make-up with cleansing milk first and then wash your face.
  1. Also, remove lipstick and do not let it remain overnight.
  1. Do not use just any product for your skincare. Choose your brand aptly. Before that judge your skin type and then find the most suitable product.
  1. Always use a gentle face wash that has a moisturizing quality.
  1. Wear good quality clothes and shoes to keep your full body skin healthy and beautiful.
  1. Use a bar of moisturizing soap and scrub on alternate days. This will help remove the dead skin and keep your pores open for fresh air.
  1. Apply body lotion after bath.
  1. Take proper care of your feet too. Scrub your heels and apply a gentle anti-cracking cream. Wear socks often and do not roam around without footwear.
  1. Glycerin has a very calm effect on the skin if used along with rose water. It cleanses even the deepest pores and is good for keeping your lips healthy and pink.
  1. Do not smoke- if you want to have a healthy skin type, avoid smoking. It really is harmful to health so help yourself by not indulging in this habit.
  1. For regular upkeep follow the 3-tier step- cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. This will keep your skin healthy.
  1. Use homemade face-packs and scrubs which utilize the power of age-old knowledge and formulae. And trust me they definitely work. The remedies dictated by our grand-mommies can really help in this regard so whether it be turmeric or yoghurt or aloe-vera or saffron- it really helps. Do not underestimate its power. Try it for once.
  1. Eat dry fruits and nuts daily in small amounts. Excess of everything is bad, the same rule applies here as well. So take care that you do not over-eat.
  1. Do not be rough on your skin. Be gentle. Do not wash it again and again just for the sake of keeping it so clean. It on the other hand has a negative effect. Similarly do not over-scrub. It will make your skin crack. Do it but do it in a limit and that too with alternate intervals.

These were the 26 basic skin care tips that if followed will definitely help you. Your health is in your own hands, in the case of skin care as well. So stay put and organize your life. Healthy skin is not a far-sighted dream.s

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