SSC CGL Important Essay and Letter Writing Topics in Detail- From the year 2023, the interview round of the SSC CGL exam has replaced by the definitive test which is called SSC CGL Tier 3 Descriptive Format.

This test of SSC CGL is conducted in offline mode. This pen and paper exam is a means to test how a student formulates ideas to form firm arguments and opinions on specific given topics. The descriptive paper also aims to evaluate the communication skills of a candidate to determine how effectively the candidate can convey the ideas in a precise manner. SSC has invited online application for CGL 2023 exam. You can check out SSC CGL Notification 2023 to check all imp details.

The descriptive exam or the Tier 3 as we may call it in the SSC CGL is of 100 marks. There is one essay, which is of 50 marks. And there are chances of a Letter/Application and precise writing. If both letter/application and precise are asked, then each may carry 20-30 marks, but if there are just one of the two topics, then one should expect Letter writing for approximately 40 marks.

The marks of this examination will be included in the preparation of the final merit list of SSC CGL Exam. The paper is bilingual, and the student can choose to write the descriptive paper of SSC CGL either in English or Hindi language. Check out SSC CGL Syllabus to confirm all subjects and topics.

Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay and Letter in the SSC CGL Exam

Essay and Letter Writing is all about PRACTICE, the more you write, the better you become. Two things that are very important for writing a good essay or a letter are, first a good content and second ability to structure your content coherently. Now both these aspects can be improved over time, with practice. Let us now see what practices will prove to be of real help:

  • Buy a good book, which contains an ample number of Essays and Letters on contemporary issues. The reason for suggesting is that referring to a book is that it will provide one with a good enough content for the major essay and letter topics in one single place. Also, one will understand the difference in formats of a formal and an informal letter.
  • Start reading a good newspaper; regular newspaper reading will help one to be up to date with all major current events in and around the world. And some citation of current events makes an ESSAY better. Also, it should be made sure that whatever example or facts are cited they should be true, or else they might affect the students score. Also, many times the topic of the essay might be relating to an issue in the news.
  • One should regularly revise whatever one has read. One major challenge that many aspirants face is that they cannot recall some of the points on the given topic. Hence regular revision is a must for performing well in Tier 2 paper of SSC CGL exam.
  • While practicing the aspirant must keep in mind that in the detailed examination the answer sheet has blocks on it and an aspirant is supposed to write in the blocks. Hence the practice should be done in blocks so that one might become comfortable in writing in blocks.
  •  Pay attention to grammar. There should be no grammatical mistakes while phrasing sentence. Hence grammar rules must be revised.
  • Make points of the content before writing. One is not supposed to write anything and everything that comes to one’s mind. The content should be connected and in the flow.
  •  Structure the essay or letter into three parts- introduction, body, and conclusion. This will make the essay/letter all the more presentable.
  • There should be no overwriting, scribbling or spelling mistakes. Therefore, one must be extra cautious while writing.

SSC CGL Important Topics for the Essay Writing for Tier 3 Exam

  • Right to information
  • Right to privacy
  • Sexual harassment
  • Gender Equality
  • Demonetization
  • GST bill
  • Globalization
  • Digital India
  • Swachh Bharat
  • Make in India
  • Climate change
  • Dowry System
  • Delhi SMOG
  • Disaster management
  • Surgical strike
  • Judicial Activism
  • Use of Social Media
  • Brexit
  • Syrian Refugee Crisis
  • South China Sea
  • North Korea sanctions

Important topics for the letter for SSC CGL Exam

  • Complaint letter regarding the degrading condition of roads
  • Letter on views about the education system
  • Letter for joining of job
  • A Letter to the editor regarding sound pollution in your area
  • Letter to the editor regarding the government’s mission against the Black money
  • Letter to the head of your department regarding corruption practiced by some of the staff, as a whistleblower.
  • A Letter to the Finance Ministry for the release of fund for any program administered by your department, as the Secretary of that Department
  • Letter to the CEO of BCCI regarding the implementation of court-mandated reforms in the board, as the main petitioner in the spot-fixing scandal in IPL 2023
  • Letter to the Minister of your department regarding a note of dissent given by you in the implementation and sanction of funds for a particular scheme, as an additional secretary in the Ministry
  • A Letter to the editor regarding the improved ranking of India in the Corruption Perception Index and its real significance for Indian public-sector organizations
  • Letter to your insurance provider regarding the exclusion clauses put in your policy without your knowledge
  • Letter to your local tax department for wrongful notice of tax for your residential property considering it a commercial property
  • A cousin of yours is suffering from depression. Write a letter to him/her regarding the same.
  • Write a letter to your elder brother asking him to guide you in making the career choice.
  • Write a letter to your favorite author praising his/her book.
  • You have lost your ATM Card. Write a letter to your Bank Manager for reissue of the same.
  • Thank your old school teacher for making you a good human being.
  • Write a letter to your Uncle advising him on his retirement plans.
  • Write a letter to invite your friend to your brother’s wedding.
  • & Write a letter to the Municipal Officer of your area for the installation of a garbage Bin in your locality.

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