Covid Vaccine Certificate Verification Online Procedure & Steps (Checked)

Are you looking for ways to verify the online Covid vaccine certificate? If yes, then carefully read the article to know more.

To further decrease the burden of the COVID 19 pandemic in India, the government started the COVID vaccination program in January 2021 for the 30 crore individuals in the country. Moreover, the verification for the vaccine certificate was also introduced during that time for the beneficiaries.

When you click on the COWIN website, you may find a verification utility portal. This portal can be used further for the verification of vaccine certificates. It can also be verified using the third-party verification app. They will discover various ways to verify vaccine certificates.

Vaccine Certificate Online Verification
Vaccine Certificate Online Verification

The requirement of verification for vaccine certificates is essential for its authentication. Therefore the government has issued guidelines to help people verify their certificated documents regarding the vaccination.

Online Verification of Vaccine Certificate

You can easily verify your vaccine certificate using the following methods:

  1. First, click on this link to visit the official website
  2. Click on the ‘scan QR’ code option.
  3. Accept the notification to prompt the activation of the device camera.
  4. Point the camera towards the QR code
  5. When the QR code is scanned, the following will be displayed on the screen:
  6. Name
  7. Age
  8. Gender
  9. Certificate ID
  10. Beneficiary ID
  11. Vaccine name
  12. Date of dose
  13. Vaccination status
  14. Place where the person was vaccinated

Offline verification using a third-party app

The steps are:

  1. Click on the COWIN verification service site and get the code.
  2. Implement the code snippet for reference.
  3. Replace the public key in the code by clicking the site.
  4. Now you may be able to scan and validate your vaccination certificate.

Points to remember while scanning the QR code on the online website

  • QR code should only cover 70-50% of the screen.
  • Complete QR code should be visible in the frame of the camera
  • QR codes should always be aligned to the camera. The camera should be appropriately held for a minimum of seconds.
  • Remember that the QR code and any other subsidiary or fake QR should be official.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the two modes of verification of the QR code?

The two modes for verification of certificates are online and offline verification.

2. What is the requirement for the verification of certificates?

Verification is essential for the authentication of vaccination certificates.

3. How to scan QR codes while verifying?

The steps to scan a QR code with the help of your camera are mentioned in this article.

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